Diva Espresso was brought to life by two partners in January of 1992. Although Diva had her growing pains, original founding owner Mele Olsen and managing partner Greg Hamper nurtured her excellence through care of the roasting process, the employees, and new locations. Diva now has both neighborhood and downtown locations, bringing the Diva owned entities to seven.


In 2001, Diva’s owners came to a timely realization that noteworthy coffee only originates with fair and equitable relationships between grower, broker, roaster, and consumer. It was and continues to be Diva’s belief that the inestimable effect human dignity has on anything produced through heart and sweat is essential to the quality and success of that product. By being involved in the process from inception to resolution, it is Diva’s belief that not only the end product be superb, but that all is right in the world...every step of the way.


This led to the founding of Highlands Coffee Company, exclusive custom roaster of Diva Espresso Fine Coffees. Highlands Coffee Co. operates out of North Seattle and offers high end product infused with the care, knowledge, art and vision of all who had a hand in bringing it to you. In early 2020 Highlands Coffee Co. moved their roasting facility to the Broadview Diva location where you can view the roasting process. This larger space has increased production to almost twice the capacity of their first roaster. Diva continues to build her knowledge and spaces to support our neighborhoods and community.